No sweat? No bueno!

#NinaSays…. Man o man it’s hot out there! Yep, even in the morning.  Days like this make me appreciate how smart kids can be.  Sorry, let me tie these two thoughts together for you… I barely made it home once from doing a 5hr car seat check broadcast in the hot sun. The day came complete with free car seats and repeated hugs to kids below my hip (not to mention the tent set up and break down etc.) anyway, as soon as I got home my kids took one look at me and grabbed our good veggies from the freezer and placed them under my armpits on my forehead; everywhere! I believe that they were right for doing what they did because I didn’t even complain when one of them poured cold water on my hair!  Needless to say that it wasn’t all about not wanting vegetables with dinner; they noticed signs of heat exhaustion.  Like I said Kids are Smart – You be too!  Click HERE to learn the signs of Heat Stroke/Heat Exhaustion (English/Spanish easy to read chart)