Jussie… Justice or Just Enough


Everyone’s had something to say about the year old Jussie Smollett situation.  Did it actually happen as he vehemently declared?  Was it rehearsal for some upcoming super secret movie? A sad cry for attention?  Only those present really know.  Whether you supported this talented young man or you were embarrassed; it is likely that you’d like the conversation to have reached its conclusion by now.  Well, it looks as if the legal system isn’t finished and everyone still has an opinion.  How about you?  What do YOU think?  Leave Jussie alone.  Make Jussie pay.  Give Justice to Jussie. Or is it simply Just Enough?


Personally, I mourn the loss of his emerging music career.  I think that he was really gonna to find that radio sweet spot and soar. But not anymore. Not yet. We all need a little time to forget.  Until then, I will put “Ha Ha I Love You” on repeat when I’m alone in my room.