Here’s How You Can Get PAID To Watch Your Favorite TV Shows!

Quarantine life has led to this. Getting paid to lounge on the couch and watch your favorite TV series.

Seriously. This could be you. is looking to pay five lucky couch potatoes $2,000. And all you have to do is be at least 18-years old and submit a short essay of 200 words or less. And they’ll even throw in a blanket, Grub Hub gift card, and some other goodies.

Should you get chosen, here’s a rundown of your hourly wage, depending on what show you choose:

1.) The X-Files: $12.22/hr.

2.) The Walking Dead: $20.24/hr.

3.) Friends: $24.00/hr.

4.) The Office: $27.02/hr.

5.) Seinfeld: $28.98/hr.

6.) Star Trek: The Original Series: $30.38/hr.

7.) Game of Thrones: $32.58/hr.

Head to their website for everything you need to know. And good luck. Aight, click HERE for the link.