Five Random Facts


1.  If all seven billion people on the planet played in a single-elimination rock-paper-scissors tournament, you’d only need to win 33 games to become the champion.

2.  When the movie “Bad Boys” was first being developed, the plan was to have Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey as the stars.  After some rewrites and changes to the film, it wound up being Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

3.  The definition of the Inuit word “aipak” is a friend who has had sex with your wife.

4.  Remember the “Harlem Shake” craze in 2013?  That was the first instrumental song to hit number one on the Billboard chart since the “Miami Vice Theme” in 1985.  (Even though there are a few words, it’s classified as an instrumental.)

5.  According to an interview with Walt Disney in 1933, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married.