Five Random Facts for Thursday

Here are some random facts for you . . .


1.  After President James Garfield was shot in an assassination attempt, he couldn’t hold down food . . . so for the last month or so of his life, his doctor fed him through his rectal cavity.  It didn’t really work.



2.  A fear of the number 666 is called hexa-kosioi-hex-ekonta-hexa-phobia.  Ronald Reagan had it.



3.  Guitar Center was called “The Organ Center” when it was founded in 1959, and it sold small appliances and home organs.  The name was changed to Guitar Center in 1971.



4.  Eating 10-and-a-half cups of sugar at once could kill you.



5.  Soybeans were named after soy sauce, not vice versa.  The word “soy” comes from the Japanese word for the sauce, “shoyu” . . . NOT for the Japanese word for the beans themselves, which is “daizu.”