HBO Max’s Cheaper Version Will Be $10, But It’ll Have Ads, and Won’t Have the New Movies

HBO recently announced plans to introduce a cheaper version of HBO Max, since most people aren’t exactly sitting on piles of money right now.  And they revealed the details yesterday.



The cheaper version will debut in June.  I’ll be $9.99 a month, instead of $14.99 . . . and as expected, it’ll have ads.  They’re NOT adding commercials to HBO shows . . . so, they won’t cut away from “Game of Thrones” to show an ad for Charmin.



Instead, they’re adding ads to the shows they’ve licensed for HBO Max, like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Friends”.  Other ads might also appear on the service.



Most of the content will be the same in the lower tier . . . but it WON’T include WarnerMedia’s upcoming slate of theatrical releases.  This year, they are releasing most of their major movies in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously.



However, that’s just a temporary loss.  WarnerMedia has already announced that they’re going back to the usual theater-first model in 2022.