9min 29sec / 1 Year

#NinaSays  Blog

May 25, 2020 the world was forced to stare directly into the dark.  Many eyes adjusted to

unveil what had not been hidden away in some far off corner, but instead was

right in front, as it has always been.  This time it chose kneeling.

(New news. The trick of making the victim the blame, failed!  Health check.  Everybody breathing?)

Through the darkness we collectively searched for the light.  But was any found?

After a year of observing, crying and walking was there anything; anything at all, to come of it?

I’d say that the teaching, praying, and observing actually is making a difference for our young ones.

They’re here, too.  So, comfort them.  Show them that it is only right to call a thing a thing.

You have to, in order to deny it a home.

You must light the candle; flip the switch; pull back the curtain and shine a light into those dark spaces.

TOGETHER we must turn our  backs on what is bad and choose to welcome only love, compassion and a willingness to listen.  Be unafraid.  Don’t look away.

How else to rid the painful, the ugly and the evil?

Go back to pretending not to see anything?  Too late, that door cracked open so wide a year ago that all the neighbors are now aware of what’s inside.

Even if you force your eyes shut; you’d remember what you saw.

Those 9 minutes 29 seconds can never  must never be forgotten.