An Alligator Broke into a Couple’s Garage and Drank Their Diet Coke

A couple near Naples named Karyn and Jamie Dobson were watching TV last week when they heard a loud crash and thought it was a car accident.

But then Jamie opened the side door of their garage to go outside . . . and realized it was an ALLIGATOR.

They’d left their garage door open, and a seven-to-eight-foot gator had wandered in and knocked stuff over.

Jamie immediately closed the door and yelled, “We have an ALLIGATOR in our garage!”  And Karyn thought he was joking.

An animal handler named Trapper Ray removed the gator and relocated it, but it left a big mess behind.  There was SODA everywhere . . . because it turned out it drank a bunch of their Diet Coke.  (???)

They had several cases of soda in their garage for Karyn’s birthday party that was coming up.  For some reason, the gator went for the Diet Coke . . . tore it open . . . and ripped through a bunch of cans.

Jamie said the whole thing was pretty exciting . . . but he’s definitely keeping their garage door closed from now on. 

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