The 45th Annual Shreveport Sickle Cell Radiothon Is This Saturday!

This Saturday, September 24th at 3658 Judson St. in Shreveport, is the 45th Annual Sickle Cell Radiothon.

Join us for 9 hours as we raise awareness and raise money for sickle cell awareness.

The Northwest Sickle Cell Foundation has few fundraising events annually and this event is significant to raise monies and awareness of the painful and life shortening hereditary disease.  A mutation causes the red blood cells to take on an unusual sickle shape, of which is the source of severe bouts of pain and damage to organs often referred to as a “Crisis.”  Many are unaware of the Sickle Cell Trait which if carried by each parent can result in offspring bearing Sickle Cell Anemia; therefore, the need to spread the word is vital.  Please do what you can to help Magic 102.9 to continue this undertaking.  It is only through working together that we may ultimately “Break The Sickle Cycle”!