Adult Happy Meals Are Coming To Shreveport McDonalds??

Remember when full-grown adults were acting all proud about their #adulting?  Looks like that trend has done a full one-eighty . . . because soon adults in Shreveport-Bossier can get a HAPPY MEAL.. and ADULT HAPPY MEAL! LOL

McDonald’s is about to start selling ADULT HAPPY MEALS.  They’ll hit the menu next Monday . . . and yes, you get a toy.

There are two types:  One with a Big Mac, fries, and a drink, and one with a 10-piece McNugget.  The toys are weird though, and maybe not something you’d actually want.

They partnered with some fashion brand called Cactus Plant Flea Market.  You get one of four figurines of the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, and a weird new one named “Cactus Buddy”.  They’re like old-school McDonald’s toys, but with four eyes.   (Here’s a photo.)

They’re marketing them as Happy Meals for adults, but they’re technically called “Cactus Plant Flea Market Meal Boxes” Can I skip the toy and get like a shot of vodka with mine instead? Are you going to hit up a Shreveport-Bossier McDonald’s for an ADULT HAPPY MEAL?