Christmas Has Arrived in the Shreveport Bossier Area on Lite Rock 100.7

We’re so excited for the holidays this year.. and let’s be honest, when you turn on the news it’s always something bad. From the economy, to the war, to politics… we all need a GIANT hug right now – and isn’t that what Christmas music is? One BIG hug and everyone in Shreveport and across the country – and the world – needs that right now!

Our sister station LITE ROCK 100.7 is now officially Shreveport’s NEW Christmas Music Station! We promise to play non stop holiday favorites for the Shreveport Bossier area 24/7! Here’s how you can enjoy the Christmas music.

We’ll always be here for you playing you’re favorite music but, when you’re ready for non stop Christmas music give our sister station LITE ROCK 100.7 a try! You can listen at 100.7FM or favorite LITE ROCK 100.7 on the free TUNE IN APP… You can also click here to listen or tell Alexa to play LITE ROCK ONE-HUNDRED-POINT-SEVEN!

So.. Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays… and what’s your favorite Christmas song?

((Featured Image Photo Credit: CANVA PRO))