We Asked Shreveport Daters: At What Point In The Relationship Do You Exchange Holiday Gifts?

 When it comes to holiday gift-giving in the Shreveport area, how much would you spend on someone if you’d only been dating for six months?

It might depend on how hot-and-heavy things have gotten.  But a new poll by Dating.com found seven in ten of its users would spend exactly ZERO.

71% said they wouldn’t buy the person a gift unless they’d been dating more than seven months.  Which makes this next stat relevant too . . .

38% claim that if they don’t get an “appropriate gift” from the person they’ve been dating, they’ll DUMP them.  35% said they’ve done it before.

The poll also looked at couples who promise NOT to buy each other gifts.  Has this ever happened to you?

43% of people said they’ve agreed to not buy each other gifts before.  But 62% of those people bought something anyway, and got nothing in return.