Turns Out … Dogs and Cats Love Sports in Shreveport!

The “Big Game” is less than two weeks ago, and in addition to the football, there’s a good chance you’re also watching the Puppy Bowl or the Kitten Bowl – because we love our pets! But, do our dogs and cats like to watch sports too? Well, the short answer is Shreveport is.. YES!

Someone polled 2,000 pet owners, and 83% in Shreveport and beyond claimed their dog or cat has a favorite sport they like to watch.  Football was number one!

Besides football our furry friends in the Shreveport area also like to watch basketball, baseball and golf! Bowling ranked last, followed by NASCAR.

Sports aren’t the only thing cats and dogs like to watch though.  69% said their pets like watching TV with them in general.

The other top things pets like to watch are cartoons, nature shows, movies, and stand-up comedy.