Have You Tried TikTok’s “Everything Shower” Trend?

(Photo Credit: CanvaPro)

Have you heard of this yet, or maybe even gotten in on it?  A recent TikTok trend called the “EVERYTHING SHOWER” is picking up steam after “The Wall Street Journal” just did a story on it.

It’s when you take an extra-long shower . . . maybe an HOUR or more . . . and basically give yourself a full spa treatment once a week.

People on TikTok . . . mostly women . . . are posting videos showing off their routine.  

@seqele By far my favorite shower combo for this month 🥥✨ (full everything shower routine out on yt) #showerroutine #selfcare #hygieneroutine #smellgood #showertok ♬ original sound – Xara

Instead of just washing yourself down, an Everything Shower might include stuff like facial treatments . . . a full-body exfoliator . . . a deep-conditioning hair mask . . . and a detoxifying scalp scrub.  So basically EVERY beauty product you’ve got.

Some people also light candles, or sit around in a robe when they’re done to give it even more of a spa day feel.

The point is to relax and treat yourself.  Fans of the trend say it’s good for your physical AND mental health.